INNOCOL Drybreak

For several years Innocol is developping a dry-break coupling in the spirit of the current Akzo coupling. All parts exept two, are all made out of plastic. The current in the market available dry-break couplings are all largely made of metal, coated or uncoated. For the handling of aggressive chemicals this is not desirable, coating makes the joints vulnerable, and exotic metals make the coupling very expensive. As the rules concerning the handling of hazardous materials in the future will only increase and intensify, there will, in our opinion ultimately need has arisen for such a coupling. We hope with our dry-break coupling we can offer an affordable, sustainable and safe alternative in the future. We now have a working prototype that has passed a test at 24 bar. The optimization of our dry-break coupling will still take some time. We will keep you informed on this page of the progress of this project.