About AKZO couplings

Fluid chemicals such as caustic soda, hydrochloric acid or iron chloride are mostly transported in tankers. These products are discharged into storage tank via a hose connection. The discharge hose used is fitted with a hose connector that fits on the associated connection stub. This stub is permanently connected to the filling conduit of the storage tank.These two connectors together form a so-called standard Akzo coupling.

Akzo Nobel has developed and standardised a special fill coupling based on its years of logistical experience.This safe, reliable and easy to use leak-proof screw coupling is generally known as the ‘Akzo coupling.’ Innocol produces these couplings already 15 years. We produce transition pieces from Akzo system to all common coupling systems.

The screw coupling can be supplied in two forms, namely DN50 and DN80. The DN50 screw coupling is fitted with an M88x8 screw thread, clockwise. The DN80 screw coupling is fitted with an M110x8 screw thread, clockwise. Both screw couplings are made from corrosion-resistant black polythene (PE) and are therefore highly suitable for the loading and discharge of all inorganic acids, bases and salt solutions, such as those previously stated. All connectors of the Akzo coupling on the discharge hose and storage tank are fitted with a cap to prevent the entry of dirt.

Akzo contra clockwise coupling specifically for sodium hypochlorite

An Akzo coupling with left-hand thread was developed especially for sodium hypochlorite. Sodium hypochlorite reacts violently with acids to produce toxic chlorine gas. Thus, sodium hypochlorite should be avoided from coming into contact with acids as large amounts of chlorine gas can be released. Chlorine gas can damage the respiratory tract and lungs. For added safety and to avoid unintended events, the complete fitting is made of white polyethylene (HDPE) and has a left-hand thread especially for loading sodium hypochlorite. This in order to prevent a truck driver from accidentally mixing sodium hypochlorite with acids by connecting to the wrong tank, the coupling simply does not fit the black Akzo fitting with right-hand thread. In the Netherlands, the use of this special coupling is even required by law for all sodium hypochlorite loading and unloading sites.


  • Seals are available in EPDM and Viton.
  • The hose connectors are only fixed to the discharge hose with stainless steel safety plate clamps.