INNOCOL, manufacturer of HDPE Akzo couplings since 1999

Akzo couplings by INNOCOL

INNOCOL has been a producer of the HDPE Akzo couplings and transitional couplings of the Akzo couplings to other systems such as TW, Gullemin and Camlock since 1999. We deliver to all major tank transporters and chemical companies in Western Europe. Our Akzo couplings are manufactured with the utmost care on CNC turning and milling machines. They are made of high-quality plastics according to a special production process.

Akzo couplings production process

In order to ensure that the Akzo coupling is dimensionally as stable as possible during temperature changes, the Akzo coupling is first turned, then stress-free annealed in the oven, and after a certain period of time of cooling down the Akzo couplings will be finished on the CNC machines. Tension-free annealing is necessary because the Akzo coupling is made from polyethylene rod material. Polyethylene consists of macromolecules which can be centimeters long, when polyethylene is sawn, turned or milled, these macromolecules are damaged. This is visible on the deformation of the product, by annealing the product stress-free, the macromolecules can recover and reorganize so that the polyethylene becomes stable again.

Best quality Akzo couplings

If the Akzo couplings meets our quality requirements after checking, it will be awarded the Innocol quality stamp. Since there are couplings on the market that are not manufactured according to this special production process, and therefore also of lower quality, we have chosen to provide our Akzo couplings with this quality stamp. Customers can see in this way that they have purchased a product of proven quality.